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How It Works

Team sports are divided into playing seasons, seasons are divided into phases; this is to help keep track of who has played who and when the end of each playing year is. Resistance training programs are divided up in order to match each of these phases. Usually hypertrophy will be in the preseason, strength will be brought in as the preseason gets closer to the actual playing season, and during the season strength is converted to power, and is tried to be maintained through the year. So this is how the athlete should follow the year with their programs.

Let’s look an example of a RUGBY LEAGUE season:

Athletes can use different programs for each of the different seasons to suit their individual training goals or needs. Although this is the general periodization model, it is important for athletes to choose a program that is going to make them a better athlete in the long term. So for example, if someone wants to start a program in the middle of the season, but they haven’t done any training before, then they are definitely not suited to start a strength and power program. They must follow the acute training model first. However, if and athlete is well experienced and is accustomed to training, then they can choose a program that is suited to the phase of the year they are up to.