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Learn. Prepare. Perform.

Matt Stevens’ three pillars of sports training are designed to help young athletes maximise their time on the training field.

1. Learn

There are a lot of personal trainers and coaches that may claim to deliver you the most up to date and concise programs out there, but something they lack is the education of WHY they do certain things. What one of our aims are is education; getting you athletes to thoroughly understand why you will be doing certain exercises at certain times with only certain amounts of rest. Our philosophy is that if you understand the reason you’re doing something, you will be more inclined to do it well and to the best of your ability. For example, a 15 year old basketballer who has never done a gym program before, has to bodyweight squats, whereas their 17 year old team mate may get to barbell squats, this may seem unfair or incorrect but the 15 year old has to go through the process of anatomical adaptation before being made to do a technically difficult exercise. If the 15 year old did not understand this, they may try the barbell squats and get hurt.

2. Prepare

Here is where the fun part begins. The bottom of the logo is the base of a triangle. The most solid and strong object there is. Here is where your preparation begins. If you train hard and train right then you yourself will also build your base of the triangle aswel. This means being consistent with all of your gym programs and conditioning aspects of the training plan. Not only does preparation mean getting fit, it also means practicing skills at training and also away from training when you are on your own, doing all of the hard yards when nobody is watching. For example, you might be the goal kicker for your team, and you may be really fit, strong and lean, but the only way you can be fully prepared, is if you take time to train at the oval by yourself kicking goal after goal, perfecting technique.

3. Perform

Here is where you get to bring everything together. You understand why you have trained the way you have, you have eaten correctly for training and for the event. All that is left for you to do is compete at the event and deliver the best performance that you can! When the dust settles and everyone has left, only you can decide whether you have put all three aspects performance together!