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Basic Skills For Sports
14th Feb


No matter what sport you play, practising basic skills should be a major part of your training.

As a teenage or  up and coming athlete, learning and practising basic, fundamental skills may help to improve your ability in your chosen sports. This is because the underlying abilities that are shaped by simply playing and learning new things can transfer to other sports.

Basic skills are attributes that improve the quality of specific sporting movements.

They are things such as throwing, catching, jumping, kicking, landing, rolling, twisting, wrestling and many others can help you to become a better all-round athlete. This is because activities such as juggling improve vision, co-ordination, spatial awareness, balance and control of movement. Catching a rebounding ball improve reaction time and decision making. All of these attributes are involved in most sports.

These activities, can be unstructured, fun and completed anywhere, at anytime; at home, the park, at school or before your sports training sessions. Catching and throwing or kicking balls can be turned into competitive games between you and your friends.

Not all of the training and play that you do, has to be directly related to your chosen sport.

Often professional sports teams will use modified version of non-related sports as a part of their warm-up to help shape these factors, as well as team-work and generally just having fun. Many NRL teams will use Soccer, AFL or European handball for these games.

Some examples of how to practice for basic skills;

Double ball bounce

Double ball bounce with various balls

Floor Rebound Juggle

Floor Rebound Juggle

Single Arm Juggle

Single Arm Juggle against a wall

Soccer Ball Juggle

Soccer Ball Foot Juggle

You can do these activities with friends, teammates or simply on your own. Either way, it is important that you keep pushing the drills you do in order to expand your scope of skill development. Check out our Basic Skills For Sports Video for some more ideas!

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