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Stick With The Plan
22nd Dec


When there are trending clips of the most fancy training ideas and exercises splashed all over social media, it can be hard to stick the plan.

The plan is the program- a routine that is set to achieve an adaptation. An adaptation is the physical response to a repeated training stimulus. This is why it is important to stick to your plan, despite setbacks, confrontations and disgruntlement for not seeing physical changes quick enough. Things that happen overnight for YouTube sensations will not last for you, or your improvement in sport, which is the ultimate goal- improving your sports performance.

You need to remember is that changes take a long time, but they LAST a long time

Programs are designed in a way that success WILL NOT be achieved overnight. However, they challenge you to complete a series of exercises, over a set period, so that you will get better at a task. For example, professional swimmers spend hours in the gym completing squats, countermovement jumps, cleans and chin ups in order to improve their time in the pool by less than ONE SECOND! There is a reason the Olympics only occur every 4 years, and some athletes spend this whole time preparing for their event.

When you first start out you may start to see improvements fast, but the fitter, faster and stronger you get, the less your improvement margin will be

This is why it is important to stick to the plan. To stick to YOUR plan. Not some guy or girl you have seen on social media looking great, because their plan isn’t yours. Remember to have your goals set- long term AND short term, so that you can continue to push through the tough times and setbacks. Holiday periods or time away from a set routine can be a chance to test your rigor and willingness to stick to your plan.

Persevere, persist and then reflect on your plan, and adjust it from time to time to ensure you are challenging yourself so that you continue to improve- inch by inch.

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