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Summer Series
22nd Jan


Summer Series is a series of programs designed to start your year of in the best possible way!

How they work:

Each 6-week program is a mesocycle. This means that is the standard length for a program to run for so you can see results or changes in physical capacity. If you are after weight loss, muscle strength, size or sport performance, then these programs are for you. 

The program structure is broken down into a user friendly calendar with specific workouts on it, so that you can adjust the workouts to suits your goals. An example is seen below in the beginner program:

Beginners (0-12 months of training):

If you are a beginner, then feel free to download and try out our FREE Summer Series BEGINNER program. This program will help you understand how to plan out exercise across the week and learn basic movement patterns. It will set you up to lose weight and begin more challenging exercise programs.

Summer series beginner
Intermediate and Advanced Trainers (12 months+ of training):

If you have good experience in the gym and are wanting some specific training, then the following 6-week programs are for you.

CLICK on the program image for more info…

Summer Series – Stronger

  • train with frequency and precision with technical and classic lifts
  • alternate between very heavy/max, heavy, moderate and light sessions
  • maintain muscle mass while building strength
  • can be used as a part of sports training
Stronger Cover Image
Summer Series – STRONGER

Summer Series – Bigger

  • decrease fat mass while building lean muscle tissue
  • alternate between lower and upper body sessions
  • experience “finisher” sets
  • adapt the calendar to suit your own goals
BIGGER cover
Summer Series – BIGGER

Summer Series – All-Rounder

  • maintain muscle mass and build fitness across the board
  • utilise circuits, running and other metabolic training methods
  • change between 30 minute and 90 minute sessions
  • train in the morning and afternoon by splitting the sessions up
All-rounder cover
Summer Series – All Rounder
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