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Training Tips
22nd Jan


Summer Series is a series of programs designed to start your year of in the best possible way! How they work: Each 6-week program is a mesocycle. This means that is the standard length for a program to run for so you can see ...

7th May


Hamstring injuries, if left untreated, can cause problems for years, as the connective tissue that form your muscles and tendons needs to be remodelled. Following a systematic plan, can help recovery from such an injury.

7th Nov


Agility is a general term to describe the ability to maintain equilibrium (fancy word for balance) while performing types of sporting movements. I like to classify agility in two ways: Change of direction (COD) This is simply how fast ...

3rd Mar


Finding the best program for you is the hardest part of training. The are endless programming ideas and philosophies out there. In order to maintain balance through joints while also focusing on sports specific movements is the most ...

2nd Mar


Dumbbells on rack

  When should my child start weights? This is a very common question for alot of parents. The answer, in short, is any age! However, there are some guidelines around this though. I do not mean that 6 year old’s should be ...

14th Feb


No matter what sport you play, practising basic skills should be a major part of your training. As a teenage or  up and coming athlete, learning and practising basic, fundamental skills may help to improve your ability in your chosen ...

3rd Jan


Soft tissue strength is one of the most important factors that underpin sports training and injury prevention Soft tissues are structures in your body that help support and provide stability to joints, which make fluid movement ...

2nd Jan


The power clean is a derivative exercise of the weight lifting movement clean. The clean is a high strength, high power exercise that is utilised in many sports that require explosive strength. This exercise is also used in sports that ...

22nd Dec


When there are trending clips of the most fancy training ideas and exercises splashed all over social media, it can be hard to stick the plan. The plan is the program- a routine that is set to achieve an adaptation. An adaptation is ...

9th Aug


Chin ups are a  great test of upper body pulling strength. It is an equaliser among strong men and women. People who are great at chin ups have a fantastic strength to body weight ratio, which is crucial to be able to complete many ...